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Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents

Your Go-To Marketing Expert for:


Strategic Planning

Sphere - Lead Gen - Referrals

Technology / Systems Set Up


Content Development


Flex Your Marketing Muscle



  • IDX Website

  • CRM

  • SEO on website

  • Social Media Essentials

    • Instagra​m

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • YouTube and/or TikTok if you're fully committed to creating video content

  • Email & Text set-up for SPAM Compliance

  • 5 Star Review Captures

  • Automation and Drip Systems


  • Consistent professional brand, ie logo, headshots, colors

  • Digital Profiles, ie

    • Google Business​

    • Zillow

    • Realtor

    • Socials

  • Business or Contact Cards

  • Link Trees

  • Signs

  • Pre-Listing Package

  • Listing Presentation

  • CMA's

  • Buyer's Guide

  • Content that promotes the value you deliver!

sphere of influence

  • Database 

    • Past Clients​

    • Active Clients/Prospects

    • Friends, family, neighbors

    • Contacts you have interacted with in the past

  • Marketing Touchpoints​ 

    • Organic Social Posts​

    • Email

      • Newsletters​

      • Market Reports

  • Direct Mail

  • Paid Social Ads

  • Internet Ads including remarketing

  • Personal Touches​​

    • Pop-By's​

    • Phone Calls/Texts

  • Events​

    • 3-4 times per year​

lead strategy

Expanding your reach to your greater market area will contribute to your funnel.  Whether you subscribe to leads sources or not, you should still have a plan on how to effectively manage cold leads so you don't waste your time.

Lead Management

  • Integration of lead sources with CRM

  • Speed to Lead Response

  • AI and/or Automated Drip Systems

  • Lead Scoring

  •  Prompts of lead qualification

  • Lead to Close nurtures

Lead Gen Ad Campaigns

  • Budgeting & ROI Analysis

  • SEM

  • Landing Pages

  • Social Ads

  • Internet Ads

  • AI Nurtures & Drips

Our Services


Branding & Technology

I will work with you on setting up a full suite of branding,  marketing and business systems so that your marketing has a destination and your clients will have an amazing experience.   

  • Branding Materials & Profiles

  • Website Design / Set-Up

  • CRM Set Up

  • Social Media Content

  • Listing Marketing Templates

  • Post Close Marketing Drips

  • Automations & Drip Systems


Marketing Management

End to end marketing management so that you are a consistent presence to your Sphere of Influence and the communities you serve.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Website / SEO

  • Social Media

  • Direct Mail

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Advertising

  • Listing Marketing

  • Post Close Client Care

  • Review Marketing


Selective Marketing

If you only need social media marketing, I'm in!

Just need a branding package, you got it!

Help you figure out how to set up drips and automations...OK!

Have an event coming up?  Let's plan how to get people there.

I think  you get the idea!


What My Clients Say

White Structure
“Michelle and her team are AMAZING! I've worked with Michelle for almost 5 years now and she is everything you are looking for when it comes to a marketing manager. Her content is educational, new and unique and she is very responsive. She truly cares about her work and clients... it shows. I highly recommend her for any marketing needs especially with regards to Realtors needs. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like me to tell you more. I would give her more than 5 stars if I could!”

Jocelyn D. -  San Diego

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